Fabric inspection machine Model: B02.6

Roll Diameter (mm): 600
Roll Diameter (mm): 400
Fabric Width (mm): 1800, 2000, 2500, 3200, 3500
Speed (m/min): 0 - 50
Max. Roll Weight (kg): 90
Max. Roll Weight (kg): 60
Inspection screen angle: 45
Dimension (LxW), mm: 1605x2456
Max. Power consumption: 2,0 kWh
Input supply: 220 V , 50 Hz

Fabric inspection machine Model: B02.6
Accurate Length Counting – Counting error ±0,1%
Automatic edge alignment – Edge alignment ±2mm
Sensitive and adjustable tension control
Adjustable roll hardness
Programmable Electronic length counter meter
End of Fabric Roll Stop Sensor
Full Width Fabric inspection
Full forward