About Rolltex

Rolltex is the largest manufacturer of textile, rewinding, measuring and rejecting equipment in Russia, as well as equipment for the Customer”s special order.

Rolltex Ltd. produces textile equipment for various types of materials: fabrics, textiles, knitted fabrics, upholstery and triplicked materials, PVC films and non-woven materials, fiberglass fabrics, corrugated and many other fabrics and materials.

Main types of equipment::

Measuring and rejection equipment
Rewinding machines for nonwovens
Measuring-dvoiling machines
Slitting machines for coils
Machines for deploying material folded in half
Machines for stacking material in a pile
Various additional equipment
Additional software for accounting for ASTRA roll materials 
Coatings for shafts and rollersBOBOTEX®

Rolltex equipment meets Russian and European quality standards, including compliance with ISO 9001: 2015, which is confirmed by the international certificate of compliance of TUV NORD.

[Su_slider source = “media: 3497” link = “attachment” width = “410” height = “580” responsive = “no” arrows = “no” pages = “no” mousewheel = “no” autoplay = “0” speed = “0”] [Su_pullquote align = “right”] Own development and software. [/ Su_pullquote]

The guarantee period for Roltex equipment is 24 months in the territory of Russia and the Republic of Belarus and 12 months in other countries.

The most important feature of the company is the availability of its own design office, which gives us the opportunity to develop equipment for individual orders or to adapt the serially manufactured equipment to the specific technological process of the Customer.

[Su_pullquote align = “right”] More than 1400 pieces of equipment have been put into operation. [/Su_pullquote]

The assortment of the enterprise includes more than 180 models of equipment.

 [Su_pullquote align = “right”] 2 years of warranty service! [/Su_pullquote]

Deliveries of the equipment are carried out directly from the plant in Kaliningrad. We work with both private enterprises and government customers!

We would like to note that our company is the developer of all the software for the equipment produced. And also we are the official representative of the German company BOBOTEX® – one of the world”s leading producers of coatings for shafts and rollers.

The Rolltex company is innovation, reliability, competence, high quality and dynamic development!